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  • 10 Fun facts about Google. (11/26/2021) - - Trade Secrets - 10 Fun and useful facts about Google by Ian Bertie - 26/11/21According to Statistica, as of June 2021 Google has 92.47% of the search market, which clearly demonstrates the importance of a Google friendly website. Indeed according to this BBC article Google is the most searched for phrase on it's rival Bing.… Continue Reading
  • How to get visitors to stay on your website. (11/18/2021) - - Trade Secrets -  How do you get visitors to stay on your website? by Ian Bertie - updated - 23/11/21The fundamental questions that it is critical to answer within the first 7 seconds.When someone lands on your web page, they expect to find the information they are looking for immediately. Statistics suggest you have… Continue Reading
  • 9 Clues it is time to get a new website (11/15/2021) - - Trade Secrets -  9 clues that show it is time to get a new website? by Ian Bertie - updated - 23/11/21If you are wondering whether it is time to update your website, then it probably is, but if you're really not sure, check out the following article. If any of these apply to… Continue Reading
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